Panasonic 307 L Frost Free Double Door 3 Star Refrigerator (Silver, NR-BG311VSS3)

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  • 307 L : Good for families of 3-5 members
  • Inverter Compressor
  • 3 Star : For Energy savings up to 35%
  • Frost Free : Auto fridge defrost to stop ice-build up

Maintaining your fruits and veggies fresh, or keeping your drinks cold - the Panasonic 307-L frost-free, double-door refrigerator does it all. With intelligent features such as Surround Cooling Airflow, Intelligent Inverter, Triple Twist Ice Tray, Econavi and Ag Clean technologies, your food is kept fresh and moisture-rich for a long time. This refrigerator also comes with seven sensors which not only ensure to keep your food fresh but also helps in saving power.

Product Description
Whether it is for storing leftovers or keeping your fruits and vegetables fresh, the refrigerators of today do a lot more than that. Apart from featuring seven different sensors, the Panasonic 307-L frost-free, double-door refrigerator includes a spectrum of features such as, Surround Cooling Airflow, Intelligent Inverter, Triple Twist Ice Tray, Econavi and Ag Clean technologies.
Surround Cooling Airflow

This feature provides independent airflow for the refrigerator and the freezer compartment to cool them simultaneously. This ensures that different foods which require different levels of temperature and humidity can be kept fresh for a long period in separate compartments.

Toughened Glass Shelves

This refrigerator includes toughened glass shelves which allow you to store large vegetables, or heavy pots and pans with ease.

Veg Jumbo Storage: 35 L

Its large storage space helps you store all your favourite fruits, vegetables, and other products easily.

Door Sensor

By detecting how frequently the refrigerator door is opened and closed, this sensor determines your family's lifestyle pattern.

Internal Temperature Sensor

Depending on the internal temperature, it determines the required cooling power.

Room Temperature Sensor

This detects the surrounding temperature, and keeps the fridge optimally cool at any time of the day.

Light Sensor

This sensor detects whether the lights are switched on or off, and determines whether the refrigerator is being used or not.

Defrost Sensor

By sensing the temperature automatically, it activates the defrost timer when required.

Voltage Sensor

This ensures a safe and smooth operation by protecting the fridge from high and low voltages.

Inverter Motor Sensor

It automatically increases or decreases the compressor motor rotation, which helps in saving energy.

Intelligent Inverter: Six Speed

Its six-power setting matches the temperatures inside the fridge and the amount of food stored and saves electricity by up to 49%. In the Low Power Cooling Mode, the refrigerator uses less power to save energy. At full power, the inverter refrigerator provides up to 50% faster freezing time, preserving the flavour and nutrition of your food.

Odour filter Type: N and S Type

The Twin De-Odoriser effectively resolves bad odours, while an active enzyme removes unpleasant vegetable odours. Odours from meat and fish, which include nitrogen, are brought down to about 80% by the N-type Filter. The S-type Filter removes vegetable and fruit odour, which includes sulphur, by up to 100%.

Interior Energy-saving LED Lighting

It features durable and energy-efficient LED lamps which provide bright illumination from three directions, making your food clearly visible.

Ice Tray: Double Twist

If you're in need of ice cubes for your drink, all you need to do is twist the lever to drop them in the icebox. Also, you can detach and move the ice tray wherever you need, which results in more freezer space.

Econavi Technology

A combination of sensors and a program control software provide efficient power consumption by monitoring your patterns and adapting the energy usage around your lifestyle. It reduces energy wastage and provides up to 10% energy savings.

Ag Clean

The Silver Air Filter eliminates about 99.9% of bacteria, moulds and other harmful organisms, keeping your food fresh and nutrient rich. Apart from deactivating mould and bacteria, the Ag Filter also reduces odours by cleaning the circulating air.

In The Box
  • 1 Refrigerator Unit
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card
  • Double Door
Refrigerator Type
  • Top Mount
Defrosting Type
  • Frost Free
Compressor Type
  • Inverter Compressor
  • 307 L
Number of Doors
  • 2
Star Rating
  • 3
  • No
Toughened Glass
  • Yes
Built-in Stabilizer
  • Yes
Body And Design Features
Shelf Material
  • Toughened Glass
Convenience Features
Water & Ice Dispenser
  • No
Water Dispenser
  • No
Power Features
BEE Rating Year
  • 2019
Stabilizer Required
  • No
Refrigerator Comparment Features
Number of Refrigerator Shelves
  • 3
Additional Features
Launch Year
  • 2018
Net Total Capacity
  • 278 L
Technology Used
  • Econavi - Inverter
Net Height
  • 1635 mm
Net Depth
  • 660 mm
Net Width
  • 600 mm
  • 54 kg

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