3M Home Water Filtration IAS141T - Whole House Scale Prevention System(Small) up to 37 LPM

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  • Uses unique sequestering technology to deactivated hardness causing elements like Calcium and Magnesium . It prevents irremovable scale deposits on your taps, faucets and on your expensive appliances like geyser, washing machine etc. It also protects your hair and skin from the ill effects of hard water
  • Uses depth filtration technology to treat your water for sediments .It prevents sediment build up on your expensive fixtues and appliances
  • Suitable for villas as well as individual flats
  • Installed at the point of entry of water (For Eg. Overhead tank) or at the entry of bathroom pipeline(in flats), it purifies water right at the source, to give you clear water throughout the house
  • Suitable for Water Flow rates within 37 litres per minute. Please choose Large Size for higher flow rate requirements
  • The product comes with a transparent housing to give visibility of the cartridge
  • NOTE: The product must be covered with a 3M Filter cover to ensure protection from sunlight
  • The efficieny of the system depends on the hardness level in the input water. Contact_us on : [ 18004259299 ] for right product selection
  • Warranty : 1 year on the product ( warranty on cartridge limited to manufacturing defects and workmanship)
  • Includes: Scale prevention system , user manual with warranty card, wrench and teflon tape

Product description

Hard water can cause damage to your hair, skin and to your costly applainces.3M Scale Prevention System treats your water for hardness and sediments and prevents irremovable scale deposits on your taps, faucets and fixtures in your bathrooms and pipes, keeping your house looking neat.
The system works on unique sequstering technology to deactivate hardness causing elements like Calcium and Magnesium ,Unlike a softener , the system neither requires any salt refilling nor wastes a single drop of water.

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