3M Home Water Filtration IAS802F - Whole House Sediment Filtration System (Large) Upto 170 LPM

Rs. 20,585


  • Uses depth filtration technology to treat your water for sediments upto 5 microns ( a single strand of hair is 80 micron in thickness). It prevents sediment build up on your expensive fixtues and appliances and gives you clear water throughout the house
  • Suitable for villas as well as individual flats
  • Installed at the point of entry of water (For Eg. Overhead tank) or at the entry of bathroom pipeline(in flats), it purifies water right at the source, to give you clear water throughout the house
  • Suitable for Water Flow rates within 170 litres per minute. For higher flowrate requirements , more than one unit will be needed
  • Warranty : 1 year on the product ( warranty on cartridge limited to manufacturing defects and workmanship)
  • Includes: Whole house sediment filtration system , user manual with warranty card, wrench and teflon tape

Product description

3M whole house water filtration system is an economical and efficient solution to ensure clear quality water throughout your house. Installed at the point of entry of water(overhead tank, etc.), it filters all impurities right at the source to prevent clogging of your pipes, showers and fixtures.
The system works on depth filtration to ensure no reduction in flow of water while delivering higher filtration capability. The system eliminates all particles greater than 5 microns from water without wasting water and without using electricity.

From the manufacturer

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