Panasonic 20 litres Solo Microwave Oven, NN-ST266BFDG

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Key Features
  • 51 auto cook menus, 255 mm turntable
  • Touch key pad control type, child lock
  • Evenly coated epoxy grey cavity
You're looking at the Panasonic NN-ST266BFDG Solo Microwave Oven. Measuring 34 cm in depth, 23 cm in width and 44 cm in height, this 20-litres capacity microwave is suitable for a family of 2 to 4 members, and can be placed in the kitchen cabinet or on the countertop. This oven comes with a sturdy see-through door for easy visibility of the food kept inside. The ventilation holes eliminate any cooking odours, smoke and steam, which keeps the convection microwave oven odour-free. This microwave oven comes with a touch keypad control panel that offers various settings for a quick-cooking experience. Its auto cook menu comes with preset cooking time and temperature for 51 exotic dishes. You can put all the ingredients together and select the desired option according to your preference and serve a variety of cuisines to your loved ones every day. You can conveniently heat large quantities of food on its wide 255mm turntable without any hassle. Its Auto defrost feature thaws frozen food items in no time, thereby saving a lot of your cooking time. This microwave features five levels of power settings to cook or reheat your food, depending on the type and quantity so that your dish doesn’t get overcooked. This microwave also has a Vapour clean feature that cleans the cavity and makes it odour-free with the touch of a button. This convection microwave oven comes with a child lock feature that locks the control panel to prevent accidental changes in the settings.

51 Auto Cook Menu
You can make a wide range of dishes from different cuisines right in this microwave oven. The Auto Cook Menu comes with preset cooking time and temperature so that you can make exotic dishes for your loved ones effortlessly. All you have to do is select the dish you want to cook and spur up something new on the table.

5 Power Levels
It features five levels of power settings so that your dish doesn’t get overcooked.

255 mm Turntable
You can now conveniently heat large quantities of food on this wide turntable without any hassle. The wide inner cavity lets you put and remove large utensils from the microwave oven easily.

Epoxy Grey Cavity
Thanks to the even coating on its interiors, it is easy to clean and maintain. Also, it leads to no discoloration.

Child Lock
This safety feature is useful for a home with kids. This feature not only ensures that the food is intact inside, but it also prevents accidental spills that could be a result of fiddling by children.

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General Information
Microwave Oven Type
20 litres
Cooking Related
Auto Cook Menu
Output Power (Microwave)
800 Watts
Power Levels
Controls & Convenience
Control Type
Child Lock
Control Location
Right Side
Physical Dimensions
Outer Material
Turntable Diameter
255 mm
Inner Material
Epoxy Grey
34 cms
44 cms
23 cms
6500 grams
Additional Features
  • 51 Auto Cook Menu
  • 5 Power Levels
  • 255 mm Turntable
  • Epoxy Grey Cavity
  • Child Lock
  • In The Box & Warranty
    1 Year

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